Caribbean music is one of the most popular music around the globe. It is a unique and inventive music followed by different rhythm for every island. The Caribbean music is very energetic and lively. It can boost you up with its soothing yet foot tapping and peppy numbers. This is why Caribbean music is one of the favourite for most of the music lovers and so as I. It was influenced by different countries like Europe, America, and native Asia and thus, it was never an untainted form of music; rather a combination of different cultures.
Caribbean music was first created by African slaves who were brought to it by European native settlers. Gradually its liveliness makes it a popular form of music in the 20th century. The people of West Indies can tune it up to anything to create a rhythm. Considering steel pan which was mostly used in the 1930s, the music which is played on it is truly incredible. In fact, this steel pan is considered as the ideal instrument for playing its music tracks on the wedding.
Besides steel pan, drums are an integral part of African rituals. But when the government of Trinidad banned bamboo drums in the 1930s, the people of this island improvised this form of music banging traditional rhythms of Caribbean music on steel oil drums. In the year 1940, a steel drum was specifically made for this music. While you go on a vacation in any of the Caribbean islands, you don’t need to find a place to listen to this music as it is most likely that the music will find you. To enjoy and pay tribute to the music of this island, make sure that you attend a Caribbean festival during your stay. You can enjoy the authentic flavour of Caribbean music.