Usher Terry Raymond IV was born in 1978 on the 14th day of October. Usher grew up with only his mother after his father left the family while Usher was just a year old. Usher joined his local church youth choir as directed by his mother in Chattanooga where he spent the majority of his childhood life. Usher’s family later moved to Atlanta Georgia in a bid to further showcase Usher’s potentials to the industry. This was the turning point in his career or I must say the first step towards stardom and there was no looking back.


Usher joined an R&B local quintet known as the NuBeginings though all did not go well as Usher left the group. After competing on Start Search at age 13, Usher was discovered by one of LaFace Records’ agent, he was later signed to the record label after a successful audition.


Usher’s sales of over 75 million records worldwide make him one of the best-selling artists. Usher has gone on to win eight Grammy Awards in musical career so far. Usher the IV’s songs have on several occasions topped Billboards. He is also referred to as one of the best dancers in the music industry.