I have lived through some amazing and memorable moments this October, but the best of my experience was at the expression concert this past Sunday. It was so electrifying that people enjoyed every minute of it. It was full of fun and had a great time. They danced and enjoyed every bit of music and that was the best part about the entire concert.

Glowreeyah stunned fans with the most amazing, spirit lifting music at the House on the Rock church in Lekki.With over 7000 thousand people attending the event, she has positioned herself as a gospel artist to be reckoned with not just in Nigeria, but across the African continent.

Since the release of her album titled “ the expression” Glowreeyah has seen her fan base increase and her song “ Miracle worker” has been sang across churches in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world.

I am particularly looking forward to see her break out of the African market to gain foothold in the world gospel music market. Once she does it will be liked by many and she will be on a different level of popularity and will be loved by tons.