We, humans are basically wired to emotionally respond to music and since the origin of the human race music has been an integral part of our human makeup. Even researches are finding new connections between the chemistry of our brain and music. The chemicals are released in the brain that alters the mood when listening to music which is similar to the pharmaceutical chemicals that have an impact on our brain. Hence music is our own special prescription medicines but with an iPod or other devices. The best thing about having music as a powerful healing medicine is that there are no side effects associated with the mood enhancing benefits that we get.

Often we find that the deep psychic parts are lightened up by music as it has the power to stir up the emotions and memories that are buried inside us. It can bring out the negative as well as positive memories from within and also brings back access to the old and youthful joy and importance. The associations and feelings from the old and early memorable days of our lives are brought out when listening to music. We could see our own selves in a younger state and hence music is a therapeutic tool that is helpful to access and heal the past.

The uncanny ability to tap the aliveness from deep within is one of the greatest gifts of music. The layers of emotional protection is drilled down and tapped into the life energy by music which is very essential for humans. Our lives, which were dry as a desert, can be turned into lush and green forest – like liveliness with the help of music. Listening to music or practicing to play a musical instrument regularly will help in the renewal of emotions naturally. Regularly meditating with music can even make a person faster and energetic in daily activities.

When we are engaged deeply into music it can do its work of healing as deep as possible. A number of factors depend upon how well we are able to give ourselves fully into the music such as the tastes of music, the familiarity of music, our associations with music in the past, and also the present mood of a person. While some individuals like to relax their minds with classical music, others would love to indulge in other genres like pop or jazz, etc. Every individual should know to identify their own kind of music that they feel will benefit them in many ways.

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